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Derby was famous in the 1920s as the terminus of the first scheduled aviation service in Australia, West Australian Airways Ltd. Their service began with their first flight on 5 December 1921. At one time the Perth to Derby service was the world’s longest passenger airline route,

King Ranch had existed for many years before Robert Kleberg Jr., a grandson of King Ranch founder Richard King, assumed his place at the helm of the operation in 1932. Up until that point, King Ranch had not been involved in the Thoroughbred industry — Quarter-Horses were the breed of choice for ranch work — but in 1934, a well-bred Thoroughbred by the name of Chicaro caught Kleberg’s eye, and the purchase of this stallion marked the start of King Ranch’s foray into the Thoroughbred industry.

King Derby - CultureKing Derby - CultureKing Derby - CultureKing Derby - Culture